All our stitch markers and brooches are hand made in-house by Julieanne. The beads used are Miyuki Delica 11/0 glass beads and Berkley FireLine Crystal braided line, both of which are locally sourced supporting Australian businesses. Findings are sourced from an Australian independent seller.

Designers are credited in each product's description wherever possible. Some designs have been found via Pinterest and may not be credited due to lack of information. If you feel I have used one of your designs without permission, please contact me straight away at



All our project bags are hand made in-house by Julieanne. They are all fully lined and interfaced, and the fabrics have been pre-washed.

WOVEN PROJECT BAGS - All woven project bag fabrics have been woven by Julieanne on an Ashford rigid heddle loom and then sewn into bags. Most of them are unique with usually only one bag per style per fabric made. As such, they cannot be replicated so if you love it, grab it!